Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting to know s/v Pipe Muh Bligh

October 2007 - March 2008

Transient Dockage
When we closed on the boat, we decided to keep her in Watergate Yachting Center. Our broker was there, and our friends had their boat in the marina as well. One small problem...Watergate hosts a boat show every year that requires boats from the show piers to move to whichever empty slips are available, so we couldn't move to a permanent slip until mid-October. Fortunately we were able to keep the boat on the brokerage dock, but woke up more than once to find people boarding our boat thinking she was part of the show!

Home Sweet Home
We were finally able to move to our new slip on October 15. The folks at the WYC office were wonderful and recommended piers 4 and 18. Adjacent to the pool, BBQ gazebos, and lawn, there's a large liveaboard community on both piers. Timing really is everything, and we moved to pier 4 just in time for a combination birthday/going-away party that weekend. We got to meet many of our new neighbors, listen to some sailing adventures, and learn just how much sailors really can drink!

Docking lesson(s)
Although we've been sailing a lot over the past few years, we haven't had the need or opportunity to do much docking (i.e. getting a boat back into its "parking space"). Imagine trying to get a 14'6" wide boat into or out of a 15' brokerage pier. Keep in mind that the boat is 45' long, has a high cabin that's subject to even moderate winds, and doesn't exactly stop on a dime. The fact that the brokerage guys do it all the time tells you just how good they are. Moving PMB to her permanent slip for the first time was quite an experience! Our racing friend, Geoie, took pity on us and helped us move the boat from the brokerage slip to our new 17' wide permanent slip. The extra room was a godsend, but we still managed to do a few doughnuts before finally getting her in.

Realizing we needed some practice, we called on Captain Bill (who we'd met during our test sail an delivery checkout). The captain is very laid back and has great patience, and Rene was backing Pipe Muh Bligh into her slip like a pro by the end of the day!

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Chris said...

I pitty capitain Ron judging by Rene's skillful driving and patience in downtown Paris :)