Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trial separation? (JUST KIDDING!)

Thursday, June 30 - Wednesday, July 13 2011

How scary is this: since we started cruising in March 2009 Stacy and myself have been apart for less than 15 hours. Now Stacy is going to Seattle for 3 weeks while I take care of Tux, the boat, boat projects, Spanish lessons, riding my motorcycle and trying to enjoy myself (not necessarily in that order of course!)

Anyway .... not much happening in the last 2 weeks except for the July 4th party at Wendy's and a happy hour / pot luck on Pipe Muh Bligh for 12 people. It turns out the only way we ever clean the boat is when we invite people over so there you have it!

The July 4th celebration at Wendy's was a lot of fun. There was a 250 pesos entry fee, which was immediately donated back to the dinghy fund, and there was a pot luck where the cook was expected to use local cheese only. In addition Wendy's provided great hot dogs with all the trimmings and various side dishes. There was a really good turn out and Stacy's cheese enchiladas received 2nd place honors in the pot luck. Personally I think she got robbed! After consuming a lot of drinks and plenty of solid food Troy played a good set of music and we all had a great time.

A couple of days later we hooked up with Dan and we took the 4 motorcycles out for another trip to El Castillo. It's an easy trip with barely any off-road so it's a great trip if the girls are coming along. We brought swimsuits, towels and hammocks and made a great day of it. Dan showed us the way to a secret beach where we had the place for ourselves. Troy and Gary put up the hammocks and tried for a nap. Riding a motorcycle sure makes for tired bodies! Afterwards we followed Dan to Nina's restaurant in El Castillo where we all enjoyed a terrific lunch. We're surely going to return there!

Too make sure Stacy would stress out enough before her trip to Seattle she decided that we needed a happy hour / potluck on Pipe Muh Bligh. Guests were Deana & Troy (Storyville), Gary (Pala Ola), Jerry (owner of JR's Bistro Tropical), Barbara & Dan (Another Way), Ken & Glennis (Galatea) and Lisa & Cade (Sand Dollar). Everybody brought something great to eat and as usual the alcoholic beverages flowed freely. The evening was long, the night short and according to an unofficial poll taken by me the next way we had a 100% hangover rate! Fun was had by all.....

And now I am a temporary bachelor. I can't believe that I am going to not see Stacy for 3 full weeks. But I am ready for it thanks to my Spanish lessons: "No gracias, estoy felizmente casado".

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ELMAS said...

Well, to help with your spanish lessons I will post only comments in spanish only :).
BTW, I will be a bachelor for then next 3 weeks also. Katya is going to Mexico spend some time with the family. BTW< I am surprised Stacy did not do the shrimp Quesadillas. Those are sure winners!
Hope to see you some time. Stay clear of the hurricanes!
Un abrazo! Los echamos de menos. Portate bien, o sino invita! :)